On Maintaining a Healthy Perspective.


be more like water

Years ago, when I first started playing around with raw food recipes, I had so much enthusiasm that trying new recipes and spending more time in the kitchen was verging on effortless. Since then, amongst the usual things that come with being alive, we’ve moved a few times, took a few months out to travel plus shared a kitchen and a dining table for a month. It’s not always easy to eat ideally. There’s the cost, other people’s expectations and how it can sometimes get to feel like a giant inconvenience. The other not so small thing is that my own definition of eating ideally continues to evolve.

It’s taken me this many years to really get comfortable doing what I want. I’ve been judged for eating clean, I’ve been judged for wanting to eat clean and I’ve been judged for wavering and not eating quite as clean as I have done. The easiest way I’ve found to eat well is simply to decide to and then do it, no fuss. Make little noise about it and when offered something you don’t want to eat, just let them know you’re enjoying what you have, or that you don’t need a(nother) glass of wine, because you’re feeling comfortable already thanks. Be warm, soft and kind and don’t even talk about it if you’re not asked.

I no longer defend my choices either. If you’re eating plentiful whole, natural foods there’s really no need to. In the past people have tried to poke holes in how I eat, but somehow every bit of information I came up with tended to push them to question their own food choices and, as much as I might want someone to eat as nature intended, I certainly don’t want to shame them in to it. I came to this through my own volition and anyone who’s going to be successful at it has to, too. I still share when people are genuinely interested and those conversations are some of my favorite ones to have. more…

Raw Sweet Potato, Pecorino & Olive Salad

It’s been an oddly mild winter here and whilst we’ve had our fair share of blue skied days, the murky grey ones are just as frequent. This is why the photo above is taken on the floor! I was trying to get as much natural light as I could, which meant positioning the plate by our balcony doors. I ate it by lamp light at the table, cozy and warm.

I thought I’d share this salad as it’s a little out of the norm and perfect for the season. When it’s dark outside, I seek light where I can find it. Kind of like a balancing act. Whilst some emphasize cooked foods in winter, I like to highlight the raw. The pecorino and fresh rosemary keep it seasonal and the lemony sweet potatoes give it some vibrancy.

Raw Sweet Potato, Pecorino & Olive Salad more…

Review: The Fat Burn Revolution

I have to admit I’m not much of a scheduler. I feel trapped and confined by to-do lists that extend much further than reminding me what I need to pick up at the grocers. If something needs to be done I usually just get on and do it so I can move on with my day. Bearing this in mind, I approached Julia Buckley’s book with a touch of uncertainty. Exercise five to six days a week? Sure. Formally exercise following a program someone else has set out for me? This is not something that comes easy for me. I am at my best when impulsive.

Whilst I maintain authority over what goes into my body, I’m also open to hearing what works for others and experimenting with anything that appeals. The diet Julia recommends is general enough to give you freedom of the reins and is very sound. People may be tired of hearing it, but our bodies really do not appreciate sugar and this plan suggests you eliminate it from your diet. Other good advice given is to replace your grains with vegetables and to limit dairy. more…

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