Quinoa & Greens with Hemp & Zaatar ~


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One of the fundamentals of healthy eating is how easily the body can break the food down, digest, assimilate it…and then the rest. An excellent way to give your body a rest is to combine your food per the rules of food combining. Instead of getting all fanciful and bogged down with the exact rules (if that’s not your thing), you can just aim to keep things simple. Some people may opt to serve this as a side dish – and it would be a very tasty one at that – but this is the kind of thing that serves as a weeknight dinner for me. I used the same sprouting method as I described last week (soak overnight, leave to drain the next day, rinsing once or twice throughout the day but not before you serve). Once you’ve got your sprouted little quinoa seeds, you just need to steam your greens very lightly, season your quinoa, and toss together. I think it took about five minutes to come together. It may appear a bit plain, but the flavor is all there, believe me! And not to go on and on about this chewing thing, but because I season it with other seeds, the more you chew it the stronger those other flavors are (and the better the digestion will be, as you’ve already started the process in your mouth).

Quinoa with Hemp, Sage, Zaatar & Mixed Greens

Serves 2 (plus, in our case, enough for one to have lunch the next day)


1 cup of dry quinoa, to yield 2 cups of sprouted quinoa
1T hemp seeds
1/2T Zaatar seasoning (a Middle Eastern spice blend of sesame seeds, sumac, thyme & sea salt)
1/2t Sumac (a dried ground berry; I like it so I add more than is usually apportioned in the zaatar)
Zest & juice of one organic, unwaxed lemon
8 or 9 sage leaves (about 2 sprigs worth), thinly julienned
4 cups of mixed greens – I used a blend of sliced brussel sprouts, savoy cabbage and spring greens, all chopped to a uniform thickness


First up, steam your greens. I don’t have a steamer, so here’s what I do: Bring an inch of water to the boil in a medium saucepan, place a metal colander over the top and place your greens in, lay the lid lightly over the top. Steam for roughly 4 minutes.

Meanwhile, place your sprouted quinoa in a large bowl and stir in the hemp, zaatar, lemon zest & juice and the sage. Stir thoroughly to evenly distribute.

Take the greens off the heat (watch your fingers, the metal colander will get hot!) and then toss the steamed greens in with the quinoa.

Voila! A 5 minute dinner!

5 comments on “Quinoa & Greens with Hemp & Zaatar ~

  1. I love the “weather, location, listening to, eating, and ignoring” addition to this!

    I played around with hemp seeds a bit a couple of weeks ago and was surprised at how much I liked them. This is another beautiful recipe and photo!!!

    • Marlena – I know, me too! I am always so hesitant on trying things like hemp, goji etc, but more often than not I”m glad I gave in – especially with my beloved mesquite. Not so fond on those goji berries though ;)

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